Sidewinder daemon - Linux support for Microsoft Sidewinder X4 / X6 keyboards

What's this?

sidewinderd is a userland daemon, which takes care of your Microsoft Sidewinder X4 / X6 keyboard's special keys. It's in an early development stage, but you can already test basic functionality. This driver has been made, because there is no complete and user-friendly Sidewinder X4 and X6 driver out there. Wattos' Linux Sidewinder X6 driver ( doesn't support our beloved Sidewinder X4s and EvilAndi's x4daemon ( needs to be recompiled everytime you want to change a button and also doesn't support setting any LEDs, profile switching and macro playing / recording. Also, it seems to have minor issues with media keys, due to libusb's nature of detaching the device from hid-generic kernel driver to gain full access over it.

So, there is need for a complete and stable driver for Linux. We're supporting both, the Sidewinder X4 and X6. Our goal is to reach feature-parity with Microsoft's Windows drivers and open up the doors for other, non-Microsoft gaming keyboards and mice.


  • cmake 2.8.8 (make)
  • libconfig 1.4.9
  • tinyxml2 2.2.0
  • libudev 210


  • Macro recording
  • Macro playback, using XML files - similar to Microsoft's solution
  • Special keys (S1-S6 / S1-S30 keys) - listening to keys via hidraw
  • Profile switch
  • Setting LEDs (LED 1-3, Record)
  • X6 only: toggle Macropad between Macro-mode and Numpad-mode
  • Very basic configuration setup


  • Auto profile and Auto LED support
  • Documentation
  • Mac OS X support
  • Code refactoring

Hey, I want to help!

Great! I was looking for help ^_^! Please get in contact with me via my public E-Mail adress, which can be found on my profile page. You can also E-Mail me about anything else related to this project, like ideas / suggestions.

This project is sticking to Geosoft's C++ style guidelines and is using Doxygen-friendly comments.

If you find any bugs, please report by opening up an issue on GitHub.